My choice of wardrobe varies from day to day. I like to vamp up classic looks to give them a more edgy feel. Often you can find me perusing through the vintage market stalls in London, hunting down beautiful unique pieces. I also love finding hidden gems in the high street, boutiques and charity shops, who doesn’t love a bargain?

I am currently in love with these light blue culottes, they go with pretty much most things. Another new fetish of mine is accesorized purses and metallic shoes. They really do add some sparkle to a dull melancholic outfit.




I love looks with an element of enigma. Below I’m wearing a beautiful shirt made by red leatherette. I teamed it with a black net veil and deep red lips to add a touch of mystery. The softlit room with the deep red background adds a beautiful touch. The third image was an unintentionally posey image; what I mean by that is I was actually playfully hiding from my boyfriend as he was trying to take pictures of me in Paris. When we later saw the image, I loved it! I love how you can see the silhouette of my body, however nothing more is revealed.


The next set of pictures were taken in Portugal 2016. Boy did I underestimate the weather, I was literally freezing my nips off. However Zara came to the rescue and I found a cute mustard velvet cardigan which kept me super warm throughout my trip.


FullSizeRender (4)






One of my favourite places to escape to is Yorkshire. It’s one the most beautifully romantic, serene settings. Im super lucky to have a boyfriend from Yorkshire, as it means regular trips up there. When life gets too hectic and stressful it is a place I return to, to experience pure stillness and calm. I hate wearing trainers (pet hate) however I have to be sensible when I’m walking the moors, as I discovered heeled boots don’t exactly cut it. So I teamed a striking leopard print coat with some black vans.




IMG_4321(getting sexual with nature)