Healing the soul with travel

I want to travel the world and write as though I’ll never die

that my words will escape the grave and take my body when it is time.

Zachry K. Douglas

I find travelling so therapeutic. I absolutely love making new discoveries and that feeling of complete escapism. People and the places seem peculiar, you can barely understand the conversations around you; you manage somehow in the most challenging situations. The first time I travelled solo I remember I literally wanted to pee my pants the night before. It seemed so daunting, although I was only travelling to Europe but I knew I had to take the plunge to reap the rewards. Initially there was a feeling of isolation, particularly when you are surrounded by groups of excitable bubbly teenagers or lots of couples, however with time you start to become more and more comfortable being in your own space. Doing things on your own accord and going at your own pace.  I also found that you will not necessarily forge connections with all the places you travel to. Within the first few minutes of arriving at a place I get a fairly reliable vibe of whether I’ll like it or not. 

Travelling solo is one of many things which helped my anxiety and depression. It allowed me to step outside of my bubble of emotional pain and focus on the things that I loved. Last year I travelled to Kilinocchi, Northern Sri-lanka to help out with a charity which supports paralysed people. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I originate from Northern Sri-lanka however I was born in South London and grew up in London all of my life. We’d have the odd family trips to Srilanka however when I re-visited Srilanka as a solo traveller aged 26 to pursue my charity work, it was a completely different experience. I felt so connected to the land and I fell in love with the people. I met with so many people who were in desperate need of help and many paralysed individuals. To be able to ease some of their pain and improve their quality of life even by just a fraction was incredible and so important to me. I realised my purpose. 


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