Secret to happiness?


Firstly by sharing this I am by no means saying I am the epitome of happiness. I just know we all strive to be happy. We constantly seek happiness in material things and relationships. This however only ever leads to a temporary fulfilment. Before long we will be back to our negative thinking patterns, self doubt, self depreciation etc. Why do we not focus on our amazing qualities; the qualities which make us unique and beautiful. The answer funnily enough lies within us.

We are born into a world of unconditional love. We are born with love, and through primary and secondary socialisation we pick up negative ways of thinking and become ‘conditioned’. In school, we are compared to each other by teachers (although not all, my boyfriend is a remarkable teacher!!) we learn to compete, and develop an ego. We start clinging onto negativity because we never feel good enough, it becomes a perpetual cycle and creeps its way into all aspects of our life. We learn to fear, this is re-enforced through the media; which forever reminds us of all the evil and negativity in the world.

This is where gratitude and self love play a vital role. They key to re-igniting our happiness lies within us. We have to go back to square one and familiarise ourselves with unconditional love, we must learn to love ourselves again because we are all worthy.

Mindfulness meditation is an amazing way to stay connected to the present moment. Spend 5-10 minutes a day focusing on you’re breath, don’t get frustrated when you get unwanted thoughts, just breathe them away. I suck at it but I continue to do it and i find myself constantly bombarded with though, mostly about food. However when I have had a more successful session I really feel the difference.

Another technique I find invaluable is listing the things you love about you’re self/life. Showing gratitude for all that you have. With time you will start to realise how lucky you really are, and you will learn to love yourself and find that happiness you have longed for. You don’t need anything more, anything less, you are perfect as you are.


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