A charitable styleblogger??


Something that gives me the greatest happiness is giving; from buying a homeless person a coffee or a meal to supporting orphans, war widows and disabled individuals. Many would describe me as compassionate and altruistic as well as a nutter. My parents have always been incredibly selfless always giving everything they had to others. The war in Srilanka (the country of my origin) left thousands of Tamil people killed and many children were left orphaned, mentally challenged or disabled. Growing up learning how much my brothers and sisters suffered in Srilanka gave me a yearning to help others. Watching these acts of altruism from my parents as a youngster has had a huge impact on shaping my values. I often think fashion and charity seem like complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I associate fashion more with creativity, materialism (not always) and ego, and charity is all about generosity. I used to think it seems so contradictory that I do charity yet I spend on clothes, shoes, make up etc to make me look and feel good. However then I decided what the hell is wrong with that? I think I do my part for the world; I have a love of style and style blogging is something that makes me feel great so surely that can only be a good thing. So in conclusion don’t ever feel bad about spoiling yourself as you deserve it! However don’t think twice about giving that boy  some change when he doesn’t have enough for his bus fair. These little acts of compassion go a long way.


2 thoughts on “A charitable styleblogger??

    1. I share these sentiments and was recently thinking about consumerism, materialism, over consumption and how that fits within my values and space as a style blogger. I definitely agree that personal style is a means to creativity and not always about consumerism! I am still working through creative ways to reconcile what does appear to be conflicting sides. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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