Blank canvas…..

Scrubs on, top knot done. I now look and feel like every other nurse. It got me thinking how personal style gives you a sense of identity, a sense of individuality. Once I have my professional skin on I am ready to start work. I look the part and act the part. I become another version of myself, my alter-ego- nurse Rav. A colourfully loud canvas stripped of its paint. Scrubs are shapeless, baggy, almost one size fits all. I hate them with a passion, the only possible virtue they have is they feel like you are walking around in comfy pyjamas. Most nurses get the comment ‘I didn’t recognise you there without you’re uniform on’ As much as I like what I do, when I remove my scrubs and put on my own clothes at the end of the day, it feels bloody great! I become that more familiar version of myself. Me. Although I am not suggesting that you are solely defined through what you wear, I just think that it plays a big role in allowing us to express our sense of individuality.

I often enjoy a spot of people watching (in the least creepiest way possible) and everyday I am enthused by the range of looks I see from the very imaginative to the very classic looks. It is one of the perks of living in London; one of the fashion capitals of the world, with its buzzing multicultural population. Sometimes without an individual opening their mouth you can get a real idea of their personalities or their interests through what they wear. I also love how fashion allows introverted characters an outlet, to reveal themselves to the world and shout ‘this is me!’

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